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    The Shenzhen office is formally established
    Time:2016-06-06    Source:    Views:6497
       In order to speed up the development of overseas market and take over the strategic highland of Shenzhen high-end electronic consumer market, the Shenzhen office is formally established on 2rd, June, 2016. The office is located at RM 3017, Block B3, Honglong Square, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City, which is close to Hong Kong with great potential and the traffic there is very convenient.

      The company held on an opening ceremony which was simple but solemn, and the ceremony received strong support from Provincial association, suppliers and other friendly people. On the opening ceremony, the general manager Mr. Canrong Lin welcome the guests and gave thanks to  their support as company representative, and then he introduced that the goal of establishing Shenzhen office is to speed up the development of high-end market business. After that, the chairman Mr. Zijian Wu expressed his appreciation for the care and help from provincial association for a long time. He said the establishment of Shenzhen office opens a new situation of Chende Technology, which made him confident in the development of high-end business, and he wished this will take the company to the next level. Finally, President Xu of provincial association congratulated to the Shenzhen office and expressed that the Provincial Touch Association would support Chende as usual. They hope Chende would make greater achievements in high-end electronic consumer market and international business. The opening ceremony got a great success. The company opens a new situation and it will continue to hold on the artisan spirit. The Shenzhen office will scale new heights, and has great achievements in the future.

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