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    Improve the eating surroundings, really care the staff
    Time:2016-06-06    Source:    Views:7951
       In order to provide a better life environment and really care the staff, the company renovated the staff canteen and put it into use officially on April 5, 2016.

    The eating surroundings of new canteen have been fully upgraded with an area of 500 square meters, and dinner space can accommodate 450 people after adding new dining-tables to it. The canteen has environmental protection type air-condition and cable television. In the canteen, the enterprise culture logo is very legible and striking, and various green plants are put all around which create warm and harmonious dining atmosphere.

      Personnel department takes some measures to strengthen the canteen’s internal management: purchasing 400 service plates and sterilized cupboard to protect the dining safety and health, the canteen updates the menu every weekly and promises the food material fresh to gradually improve the food quality and service, which can also promise the dining benefits of employee. The staff express their appreciation to the company for the reason that the eating surrounding and the food quality have been improved.



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