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    Implement safe responsibility, protect the healthy development
    Time:2016-06-06    Source:    Views:5438
                --Our company signed 2016 year safety responsibility agreement

    On the afternoon of February 20, our company held the ceremony of signing 2016 year safety responsibility agreement in the meeting room on the third floor. There were more than 50 people participated in the signing ceremony, including company management, the heads of departments, the supervisors of  each  process, responsible persons of the important security areas.

      According the principle of “who is charge who is responsible” and three-level security management network distribution of the company, we implement hierarchical management, level-to-level responsibility and responsibility to the people. And we make sure that the department head is the first person responsible in charge of production safety. At the same time, we make the regional security responsibility, safety production responsibility, safety production target and safety assessment of rewards and punishments more clear.

      Firstly, the company general manager Mr. Lin Canrong signed the safety responsibility agreement with company management, manufacturing leaders and the supervisors of each process.

    He emphasized that safe working only had starting point without ending, and the company must strengthen the security responsibility consciousness. He also asked the company seriously take out the safety production policy, which is “Safety first, precaution main, comprehensive treatment”. He stressed that safety job was the first priority, and every department including staff at various should continue to carry out the production responsibility system seriously, strengthen the safety education training of staff, take the site security check seriously, find out and solve safety hidden troubles. He mentioned that making the safety responsibility more clear could promote the formation of safety work, which is “everyone has indicator on their shoulders, everyone try their hard to achieve it”. The general manager made requests that the company must persist in daily safety inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly training and institutional management system. He also mentioned that in order to strengthen the security work and promise the healthy and harmony development of the company, they should enhance security work approval of reward and punishment.


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