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    Intention to create, gain momentum and make progress
    Time:2016-06-06    Source:    Views:7782

     --Holding summary commendation congress and Spring Festival party

    On Jan 1, 2016, our company held 2015 year summary commendation congress and Spring Festiva party. In 2015, the staff passionated in their job and condemned a brave that a number of outstanding teams and employee who made great contribution to the company sprang up. There are two excellent teams including purchase department and FPC manufacturing department, 35 outstanding clerks are commended in the ceremony. At the same time, two clerks won special contribution award, four people won innovation award, and eight employees won ten year contribution award..

    The general manager Mr.Lin Canrong gave a comprehensive summary and planned management work. In 2015, the staff through the company firmed confidence, shot to pieces, stood firm to implement the management measures that “promote the reform, stead y the growth, adjust the structure, take the quality in priority, bring in talents, prevent the risks”. The sales growth achieved 5 percent, and the comprehensive strength is improves gradually. In 2016 the company must keep to the subject,” Create the future together, gain momentum and make progress”. The company should carry out six key jobs, they are “unified the innovation pattern, culture guides the team, increase market share, optimize the manufacturing system, research and innovate the process, adhere the security fortress”. He emphasized that they sick to the develop rout of transformation and upgrade, improve the comprehensive strengthen of the company, continue to improve the market customer base and production efficiency, to promote the two 30% strategies, annual sales growth achieves 20% and realize the overall sales goal.

    The chairman Mr. Wu gave an exciting speech, and congratulated to the excellent teams and personnel who was award. He hoped that each department could gain momentum, make progress, and pull together to achieve the year’s operation objectives and jointly create new achievements.

    At 18pm, the Spring Festiva party opened on time, all staff dine together to celebrate the New Year,. Chiliuxiang Hotel was full of happiness. All staff participated in the lucky draw activity with enthusiasm, and performances by the clerk won busts of applause.


    1.       Excellent Team:: purchase department, FPC manufacturing department

    2.       Ten Year Contribution Award:

    Wu Pengjian, He Zhiyong, Liang Minfeng, Pan Minquan, Li Longcan, Pan Youfu,

    Zeng Xuejun

    3.       Innovation Award:

    Wu TongFang, Liang Fangjia, Xiao Fei, Ma Dingjun

    4.       Special Contribution Award:

    He Zhiyong, He Xipeng

    5.       Excellent Staff:

    Zeng Zhaomin, Li Luyuan, Chen Yiping, Cheng Guoliang, Liu Qiulin, MoShihua,

    Tan Touyong, Huang Xiaoqin, Ban Jiandao, Zhao Huiling, Lin Likun, Fan Fangyuan,

    Li Wenchun, Zhang Zhimu, Shi Shenghui, Ling Zhi wei, Yuan Weiqing, Chen Dehuang,

    Cheb Jiachi, Huang Likun, Wang Bende, Mo Jiahua, Luo Ling, Huang Huajun, Sun Dazuo,

    Hu Jun, Gong Runfa, He Xipeng, Kui Shenglong, Liu Zhiwei, He Guanghui, Tan Limin,

    Li Jieyong, Su Qiling, Pan Xuwen



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